La guerre froide au quotidien

Nous accueillerons lors de notre prochaine séance Bernd von Kostka, conservateur au Musée des Alliés de Berlin.

The Cold War was examined by historians woldwide in detail over the last decades. The ideological conflicts and the struggle for global influence was fought on the political, economical and technological front and let in some regions to military conflicts. – But how did the Cold War affected the everyday life of European citizen? For example in Berlin were a Wall divided the city. Was the Berlin citizen in East and West aware that his daily life was in fact influenced by the Cold War in many ways?

Bernd von Kostka will give several examples how the Cold War affected the architecture, the postal service, the education, the media and a couple of social activities in both parts of the city. Because only here the protagonists of the Cold War lived „door to door“ and Berliners were much more affiliated with the East or the West than people anywhere else in Germany or Europe.

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